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Bang Bang Lyrics

Cypress Hill – Bang Bang Lyrics

This fuckin' weed is good, homes, fuck
You know the first time I fuckin' blazed up, eh
I was listenin' to those vatos Cypress Hill
You ever heard of them, homes?

Yeah, I heard of them
They fuckin' suck

Are you fuckin' stupid, eh?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Those vatos are firrme, homes
You're a fuckin' hater, eh
Those vatos will shoot you, homes


This is for all those haters and imitators
Take your medicine; you won't like the flavor
The taste ain't sweet; we lace that beat
Never forget how we play in the street
Never forget what you say in the street
If you talk too loud, get laid with the heat
We want that cake and, Jay, you can't stop us
Out the gate we take those dollars
Get a crew while we doin' some real shit
Me and the Dog steady pushin' the Hill shit
We flip scripts like doughboys flip bricks
Get money like lottery quick picks
We sick wit' it and, homey, I'm quick-witted
Still in the game, insane, we still spit it
Top level, livin' like a rebel
Settle down, bitch, or we spit that metal

Remember when you motherfuckers
Tried to take what's mine
Niggas left me for dead
But I'll never forget it
(Bang, bang)
(Bang, bang)
(Bang, bang)
(Bang, bang)

I came up in the game, do my thing for the paper
Never gonna change, biggie-bang on them haters
They used to gang bang on a (?)
Dropped Insane; now the world's (?)
I remember when you niggas used to front on me
Everywhere I'd ride, I kept a gun on me
I only used to listen to my one ol' G
He said get money, but stay low-key
So it's the payback 'cause I pay it in the back
Whole world get high when I say it on a track
And I stay wit' a gat; I'm never gonna slip
Quick to hit him up if you ever wanna trip
All it takes is a hit and you never gon' forget
When you smoke on the Hill with the kill that we twist
Fuck a shot--we drinkin' a whole fifth
And I ride 'em (?); you know we gon' miss

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Songwriters: Demerkk Shelton Ferm, Louis M Freeze, Senen Reyes, Sonny Bono
Bang Bang lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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