When we met, it all happened so fast,
You said you loved me and that it would last,
But now it seems that it was all a lie,
And all my love for you will soon pass you by.

My love for you will never be the same,
My heart still aches from the sorrow and the pain,
Time has come for me to say goodbye,
Although the precious times will never leave my mind.


Why did you have to change on me,
Your love was so easy and sweet,
Oh boy, I gave you all my time,
But why couldn't I make you mine.
Repeat (1x)

Changing your love was the best thing to do,
My love wasn't strong for both me and you.
You go your own way baby and I'll go mine,
Searching for the love we both hope to find,

If you decide to come back to me,
I'll be waiting so desperately,
Until then, I will find, someone to love me all of the time.

Chorus (2x)

My love for you
Will never be the same
My heart still aches
From the sorrow and the pain
Time has come for me to say good-bye
Although the precious times
Will never leave my mind

Chorus (4x)
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Change On Me Lyrics

Cynthia – Change On Me Lyrics

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