I look apon you from the shadows and your sweet voice resonates in my
I think about you when I'm hidden away, and losing you is the greatest
Of my fears.
In my darkest hour, after all I've been through, I look up and I see the
Light that is in you....
And for that..
Chorus: I'll be your angel standing, standing by for you, my love,
And when the lonliness of night takes you over, I'll be the one to lift
You up...
And when life throws you a heartache that almost feels like it's
Splitting you in two...
I'll be your angel standing, standing by, and watching over you...
I hold my heart out in my hand, it's there for a spare if you need it...
I know it's hard sometimes to pull through the tears, stare down your
Fear, I know you can beat it..
I'll make sure, to be there, so many times I should of cared, and I was
So unprepared
Later on, in our lives we can reminisce on the pain and joy we both
But until then..
I'll be the one to lift you up when you are down, I'll be the one to
Lend a helping hand,
And all your life I will help your suffering, as long as you so fully
I'll be your angel standing by, all the days of your life...
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Angel Standing Lyrics

Cynstar – Angel Standing Lyrics