Dancing, dancing across the wood floor
Fire flashes in your eyes and I love you more
Dancing with you makes me feel so good
Gets me feeling things inside, never thought I would

Is the way you move me, baby
Just for me, just for me
Let the music set you free
Set you free
Free with me, free with me, free with me
Let the madness of the music set us free

Magic, magic is what is like with you
I think I'm feeling joy again, can't believe it's true
Motion, motion, take me out of time
Come and help me to forget who and what was mine

Repeat Chorus

Sweet music, sweet music
Dancing, dancing (2x)

Music's going through me, going right through me
Nothing but music, sweet, sweet music

Music, music makes my body free
Show me that it does to you what it does to me
Dancing, dancing lets the good times stay
If I give it one more chance, love will find a way

Repeat Chorus
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Dancing, Dancing Lyrics

Cyndi Grecco – Dancing, Dancing Lyrics