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Ohbliv Raps Lyrics

Curtis Williams – Ohbliv Raps Lyrics

So what it's like for a nigga like me
Look, so what it's like for a nigga like me
Tonigh shit take a little different
So what it's like for a nigga like me
It's hard to say
For the past five days
Everyday it's been the same
I'll be on a mission
A mission of fins a way
A quest for the riches but niggas been in my way
I'll be flowing on the day to day
They say to say
I use cloush to blow my pain away
You niggas balme, we ain't the same
Bou you're any wave
I find a change you play my.. But I just found the...
I've been faded, still blazing bout a way to another
We ain't just friedn don't call ém homie
Well I call ém brothers
The loyalty is when I'm speaking in all my rap statement
I'm still dinking but I hope I make my..
.. To the shit we kick it
They ain't live it, they ain't see it
So the niggas are navigated
I'm stick it to the... I gotta keep it G
Smell a shit when I spark it
The nigga knows the...
And pass them I'll be the trick
And two, nine, I'll be the...
.... Is how I am
Bictch, swag
He won't report... Is bitch
With th apack on ém
Yeah but money is bitch
Yhink black and focus bitch
Yeha that's it just come to kick that shit
I mean that
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