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Survivor's Remorse Lyrics

Curren$y – Survivor's Remorse Lyrics

I don't feel bad 'bout kidnapping the joint now 'cause he walked in so I know everybody'll be smoking. I won't just be a jackass in the fucking box with the joint so

Flutes accompanied by strings
Flower blossoms painted on our bottles of champagne
We mix it with that Hennessy Privilege, doing my thing
Just a fashion killer at the funeral with thousand dollar frames
I been wearing jeans more often, I'm feeling extra bossy
Having enemies measured out for their coffins
Stand above the law shit, don't get lost here
Even your life won't cover the cost, it's deeper than that
I heard you paint houses, might keep you around us, smooth some bumps out
We been having a trouble free run for like ten months now
Pretty soon I know one of them assholes gon' come 'round
Trying to lose some screws, destroy what we build
We on some next level shit, got them nasa engineers
Shooters on the roof like Santa Claus' reindeers
I been going paranoid, I seen so many homies killed
Some of 'em wasn't my boys but you know I still feel the pain
'Cause I know exactly what it is to lose your main man
All the moves y'all made to stack change gone down the drain
I think about my nigga Meek Mill
So many dead homie faces on his chain, but that's just how we live in this game
Survivor's remorse
Our homies die, we go up for 'em, we glow up for 'em
Pour up for 'em, smoke up for 'em
Smash that bad bitch on the hood of my foreign for 'em
Survivor's remorse
I think about my nigga J Stone
The [?] continue the marathon
And Pop Smoke though we never met
Your originality I had to respect
I look around and see who's left
I'm 'bout to pull up on all my homies, no more sending text, survivor's remorse
Our loved ones in the sky, they the real superstars above all
Survivor's remorse

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