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Feel Inside Lyrics

Curren$y – Feel Inside Lyrics

Yeah, that's just how I feel inside
Inside, she just wanna get inside
Hop up then and get inside
That's just how I feel

I'm young and getting it busy nigga always pressed for time
Moving in fast forward you can sit and press rewind
Sipping champagne I don't really mess with wine
I leave that sipping to them bitches and them niggas crying
About them bitches nigga I don't really do that either
I paint a picture pimp it easy for you on that easel
Got the gas in the whip but this ain't sour diesel
Every day is Friday I hit you with that Deebo
Blunt as fat as Cee Lo, rolling up on my CD
Then roll up all the windows, smoke till can't nobody see me
I got a quarterback pass that I'm wide receiving
You messing up rotation talking 'bout how soft my seat is
'Trina ass every move I know you slip and slide
Check baby I could get you wetter come and hit the tide
Said I ain't tryna brag, just tryna speak my mind
I don't say it much, that's just how I feel inside

(Ow!) That’s just how I feel inside
That’s just how I feel inside
(Laid back nigga) That’s just how i sit inside
(Heard the leather soft) she just wanna feel inside
That’s just how I feel inside (feel inside)
That’s just how I feel inside
(Both windows up) That’s just how I sit inside
(Heard the leather soft) She just wanna feel inside

Fresh from the stove
Bake cinnamon rolls
Got your bitch in the Rove
taking pictures with her tits pressed against the Rolls Royce windows
Her body bending, spinning, posing in positions
It's kinda tempting
But I'm more interested in loot, gaining interest
See me sitting in that coupe, with the race fittings
All official equipment, aspirator engine
Some niggas slippin'
Other niggas straight gettin' it
Which one is ya?
You on drugs or you on your business
This game'll kill ya

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