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like me and you gotta kick it here old school Yeah
this is this, is truly old school Definitely
old school" [Chorus

Kno: and Deacon] Yo
Yo, We
keep the whole day so live Felas
keep the whole day so live My
ladies We
keep the whole day so live Lynguistics
see the whole day so live [Kno]

live set, to destroy all the fakers Cos
this ones for the B-Boys and the breakers Take
ya to another level with the sound Freaking
the flow kicking, it low getting down Take
it all back to the essence When
you could go to a party and not leave with your head split (Get
This) Cunninlynguists
getting live Respect
the foundation that hip-hop vibe [Deacon]

get up get up Gunna
rip up rip up Any
m r**********in here they don't shut there s t**up Puts
your hands up like it's a stick up I
got ya head jerking like some hick-ups Its
Deacon the Villan Ill'ing
with my n r****rolls Rappers
be soft they, probably walk on their tippy toes Word
up Jays game and, roll diggy (Go) Flows
potent even, my breath smells like sticky dro [Chorus*


chillin the French way I'm, not the best But
more or less the, style is (finest) For
those that test I, shake em down like bumpy nuts Smashed
out their face even, slam it like a dummy cut (Ohhhhhh
up )!Kentucky
shogun Who's
the master (Showed
up) Ya
damm right deep, in the last dragon Flows
off the wall like they outlaw tagging [Kno]

me when I tell you this I
got the style that'll give you fits And
get you pissed that ya can't rhyme like this Hype
with the type of s t**that leave ya hyper tense (Get
down )!When
ya feel it don't be acting stiff (Get
down )!Just
go on ahead and grab a t (Get**
down )!Do
they dance a bit before, ya hit em (Get
down )!(that's
that shit) [Chorus


a gun (Ohhhhh )!Cocked
and ready Bested
to leave ya head spinning like Rock Steady Get
mistaken for a B-Boy breaking your dome Off
dependent like Out????? the O-Zone A
rap You????? better be ducking and weaving Take
a breath so we can bound sucking your teeth in When
Kno's on the 1200's cutting, and bleeding When
I'm stuck in my broom like it aint nothing and leaning [Kno]

just knicked the mic and crushed Cataclysmic Blast
a sentence that would leave a rapper limping Nowadays
cats only rap about their bankroll But
I've been fresh ever since fuzzy Kangol Hey
*Yo Don't*
y'all be starting nothing Just
chill the hell out while we keep the party jumping I
know my style feeling nice Me
and my man Deacon the Villian keeping it live
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So Live! Lyrics

Cunninlynguists – So Live! Lyrics