Through the unseeing eyes
Of a worm like a human
The pure light of fear
Destroys all the truths
Truths man created
Fastly destroyed
Raped by falsehood
Covered by shame

You only have
Your eyes to cry
And your life to suffer with

As an unreachable point
Built upon all lies
The sum of all fears displays
Displays man's ruin
Displays the fall of life
As a signal for the coming
Gloomy times of pain
Freezing life and dreams
Tomorrow never comes
Yesterday's forgotten
And gone

Standing astonished
Depressed and confused
The sum of all fears
A blade upon mankind

In silence I await
My time to know
The pain
The meaning and the sense
Of this growing
This growing cold inside
As nothing here I stand
In front of the majesty of ruin
On the throne man built on lies
The sum of all fears
Leads us towards the end
End we praised for
End we wait and curse
But comes
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The Sum Of All Fears Lyrics

Cultus Sanguine – The Sum Of All Fears Lyrics