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Ups & Downs Lyrics

Crystal Lake – Ups & Downs Lyrics

In the depth of hopelessness
Wait for the time to rise again
Come what may, I will stand up and fight
Till the day I see the light

A mountain clouded over
On the furthest side of the world
Walked the trail day after day
Went through the ragged way
Got stuck in the dirt

I don't know what to do'cause I got so fucked up
And I'm beaten and broken
I just want to give up

I wonder what is in the corner
Like a shitty creeper, I'm crawling in the dark

A ray of light that can be seen is the break of dawn
The light that guides me to the top
A bit of hope is right before my eyes

This is not the end of me

The hope is in our hands
Hold on till the break of down
Break this motherfuckin' wall down
Just break

Now we've got the hope for tomorrow
Tomorrow we must follow
There is nothing to fear

'cause we've become the overcomes,
Nothing can hold us down
Right now
Burn those motherfuckers to the ground
Burn them to the ground
Burn them down

This is not the end

This is not the end of me

This time we never fall
'cause this is not the end
The sun will shine our way

Here we motherfuckin' go
This is not the end

We've got nothing to fear
Here we go again

This is not the end
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