[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Mikael Dahl]

Raise the banner to the sky
Saddle the beasts for battle now
Play the tunes of war
Mighty knights grab your swords and fight

Brothers of battle show your hate
United we are the enemies fate
Slaughter is our aim
Blood will flow, heads will roll

We are the sons of evil
The call of the wild
We are the gods of war
The great force of death

We're riding the glory war
On and on we're fighting with honour and pride
We are crusading now

Now it's time for victory
No surrender, no retreat
Across the battlefield
Soldiers are raging tonight

Anger, hatred, agression, pain
Behold the weak that won't remain
Let the ground be covered
With their blood and our pride

[Solo: Dahl - Nyberg]

Oh, oh, oh: we are crusading now
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Glory Ride Lyrics

Crystal Eyes – Glory Ride Lyrics