Winternight - time to die - enter the domain of dark
Mystic fragments - magic spell - lost in former times
Occult powers raise the dead - the rotten come to life
Unholy creatures from the grave -On my command they will arise

The price for waking up the dead is unending decay
My soul will live in endless pain - my body rots away
No place to live - no place to die - in endless agony I cry

Forgotten - I lie
Endless - I die

Darkness - shadows - death - I cry
Hopelessness - decay - it'S time to die

They are screaming jumping dancing on my grave
Knocking on my casket laughing at my fate
All the souls ripped out of sleep groaning in my mind
Singing gloomy songs for me necromancer die


I dream of grass so green - of flying in the sky
I dream of water blue but they wont let me die I dream

Milleniums of agony now passed on me
A beam of light - A breath of air will set me free
Decades of pain I have paid for my homan sins
The journey to the world of death will now beginn

Endless - I cry
Now - I die
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Necromancer Lyrics

Cryptic Wintermoon – Necromancer Lyrics