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Dreadnought Lyrics

Cryptic Wintermoon – Dreadnought Lyrics

Plowing through the oceans water at night
Spreading fear me the king of the sea
Turning my turrets searching for prey
Unleashing firestorms turning night to day

I dread no one only my kind
Searching the oceans for victims to find
A floating fortress no one equals me
The Dreadnought king of the sea

Forged by man constructed to kill and to rule the sea
Warbeast armed to kill and no one can kill me

Enemy spotted aimed and tracked
The captain commands and I react
Turning turrets now they are facing death
The worst day they ever had
Firing spitting my deadly load
See them burn see them explode

You are trying to answer my fire but you can't hurt me
I am the god I am the king of the sea
I am the Dreadnought proud for everyone to see
A piece of shallow prey that is what you are for me
The king of the sea...

I left em all drowned in the sea
Not even a challenge to me
Floating away my head held high
For me the ocean for god the sky...
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