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Black Tides Lyrics

Cruciform Injection – Black Tides Lyrics

End of time [Repeat x2]
The blessings of a new regime, the epoch of my queen
Birthed of annihilation, raised on exhilaration
Cared for by extinction, delivered by consecration
I have seen it all, the greatest rise and greater fall
Millenniums rest in utter silence
Forced closed life's own testaments
Nothingness pervades all of my senses
Carelessly purging absolutely relentless
The ages and generations, all of my humiliations
Endlessly served, taught and deserved
Children lose instinctive feeling, there will be no healing
Spiritual or not, there is no saving flock

Storms of ash, blowing vortex, soulless trash, I can't help but
Postulate it's too late, for today let's celebrate
Sensationalize or penalize, this massive destruction on the eve of lies
Of our century, can't you see, pray to your God or any entity
It won't matter it's not benevolent, it is the caustic force of violence
Behind the altar or underground, life is wiped out without a sound
It is my Book of Revelations, I am the prophet of damnation
Knowing there is nothing I can do, I sit back and watch through you
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