"Hello," darling! How have you been?
To tell the truth, I'm not so well.
These lonely days have been a sin.
These sleepless nights have been pure Hell.

My tears' ve been falling down like rain,
Since you've broken my poor heart to bits.
I thought that we would try it once again,
You thought it best to call it quits.

(Chorus # 1) And, I need a little love, tonight,
Cause I've been feeling, oh so bad
It doesn't matter who was wrong or right.
Don't you miss the love we had?

I need your sweet, sweet love, tonight!
I need your hugs and kisses too!
Let's forget about that foolish fight.
I need a little love tonight.

Please tell the children, that I said, "Hi."
To talk to them would only make me cry.
Maybe they don't feel so bad.
Maybe they're calling your new man, "Dad."

My friends keep telling me, if I just let you be,
That you'll come running back here, to me.
But that's a chance I cannot take.
Please come back home, for goodness (our hearts) sake!

(Chorus # 2) Babe, I need a little love, tonight.
Cause I've been feeling, oh so blue.
Sure would love to hold you tight.
I would just love to make love, to you!

I need a little love, so bad...
That is why I'm calling you.
If you don't miss the love we had,
I guess some other love will do!

If I can't make sweet love, to you...
I'm sure some other gal will do!
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I Need A Little Love Lyrics

Crowman – I Need A Little Love Lyrics

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