Collateral Jam-Age
Let's me just say one thing if I can about
The mess and all the damage man
Hadn't anticipated the night
Ending this way
We put on a killer show;
The awesome party squad was go
Just nevermind the fact you'll be picking
Beercans for the next 3 days

Kids going crazy, hanging from the ceiling
With domes on roam they're just
Destroying everything
Then it was over, fast as it had begun
If nothing else man just admit you had fun

Glass smashed out
Thin beer coating on everything we
Thrashed this house
Now the party is through

There's kids passed out
Did our duty successfully we parted down
Yeah it's just what we do

And might I add that the blame for what
Went down don't fall solely on us
You packed your own house with people;
We just made em all go nuts
I'll remind you of our motto,
It's been previously stated
Not to be held responsible
For acts while intoxicated.

So if you bring the beer
We'll bring the motherfucking ruckus
Cross exam ain't nothing to fuck with
Straight from the mother land
Where anheuser busch is
Cross exam ain't nothing to fuck with
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Collateral Jam-age Lyrics

Cross Examination – Collateral Jam-age Lyrics

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