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Stephen Stills Gold hill Music, Inc.
All rights adm. By Almo Music Corp., ascap

I cannot remember feeling
Quite so self assured it must have
Been back in my teens
I was such a basket case when
I was young it's obviously
Something that I dreamed
I have always been a most
Reclusive kind of guy
When love's around I usually
Run and hide
But don't you go believin' I was
Ever that confused, I was
Really only waiting for you

I cannot escape the over-
Whelming feeling destiny has
Taken us in hand
And nothing that we do is gonna
Change the way this love affair is
Never gonna end
And I know it's hard getting used to the idea
That your lover wants to be your best friend
With a showing of affection and a
Measure of romance, this is
Really only waiting for you

I've been living by myself I do not
Want for someone else at least that's
What I like to say
It was working til the other day I
Met you and I fell in love from
Twenty yards away
I've got one last truly great
Love left in my life
And my heart is tellin' me
It might be you
So forget your disappointments, I'll
Forget about my past, I was
Really only waiting for you

Really only waiting for you
And what do you suppose
That we can do
Anything whatever that you
Want to last forever
Really only waiting for you

Bass: Acoustic Piano Electric Guitars Stephen Stills
Drums: Jody Codez
Percussion Lenny Castro
Synthesizer, Hammond B3 Organ: Michael Finnigan
Lead Vocal: Stephen Stills
Additional Vocal: Michael Finnigan

Producer Glyn Johns
Engineer: Brett Swain
Assistant Engineer: Jan Shannon

Mixed by Brian Malouf
Recorded at O'Henry Sound Studios
Burbank, ca on July 1, 1994
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Only Waiting For You Lyrics

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Only Waiting For You Lyrics

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