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Death Rizzo Lyrics

Crooked I – Death Rizzo Lyrics

Hold up...
I'm just coming to blow ya mind with the flow
Know what?
Niggas is hatin' cuz I signed with tha Row
So what?
Y'all been tryin' to stop mine on the low
I climb in the fo'
Let the glock pop... Nine in a row
If I catch you after eleven
I'ma have to point an acurate weapon
At your acurate legend
And clap you with seven
I'm crazier than servin' crack to a reverend
Plus, I ruin your career
Like if the news camera catch you with Tevin
Ugh! Just gimme your rightful invision
I stiffle your mission
Swing and hit niggas hard as motorcycle collisions
Watch your ass, like you Michael in prison
There's so many weak wick-whack
Recycle-rap niggas
I'm liable to diss 'em
Even though, they scared of testin' me now
Quit playin' games, you "Got Beef?"
"Say My Name," like you Destiny's Child
First off all, let's get a few things straight:
This Death Row and I'm the new teammate
Nigga, your crew seen fate
We drop it fast
Watchin' bodies get carried like shoppin' bags
I ain't seen y'all up in the 'hood since niggas was rockin' Shaq's
Standin' by this hot nigga, your s'pose to burn
Lets make a toast to Death Row's return
Ya heard?

Act like you knizzo, nigga this Death Rizzo
Niggas throw ya hands up, bitches get on the flizzo
Bangin' on you bustas in the two-triple-izzo
Kickin' in the dizzo
And that's so for shizzo
(2 times)

[Crooked I - Verse 2]
Oh... You niggas thought it was over and done?
I told you a soldier would come
Run for both of your guns
While you got that chronic smoke in your lungs
Open your mail, there's a pict
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