You say that you're slipping away
As you turn from the hand that could save you
You fell like a drunk down a well
Like a dog into Hell you were sinking

And you took it all in as a joke
As if you didn't know you were broken
Hiding out in the rain you stood soaking
Breathing in the glass to your last lung
All blackened and cracking and blue
Creeping through the slums of your old world
Where nothing about you is new

They laughed and as they turned their backs
You slid into a crack no one saw
And stayed there for a very long time
Dying of nothing at all

Though you went to the doctor to cope
And he sold you the new antidote
And he told you that you had been broken
They say you gave yourself away for a moment

But no one would take you
You said, I'm alive, but you're dead
'Cause nothing about you is new
Even though you had been diagnosed
And were given the new antidote
And were numb to the rain and the soaking
You have been and always will be broken
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Man Who Died Of Nothing At All Lyrics

Crooked Fingers – Man Who Died Of Nothing At All Lyrics

Songwriters: Eric Emil Bachmann
Man Who Died Of Nothing At All lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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