I'm to real to clean to fresh to hot
To crunk to high cause my eyes bloodshot
That's me, that's me, that's Certified Cronik
That's me, that's me, that's Certified Cronik

Certified real, gettin heard I will
Get a certified deal, earn a certified mill
Got fans on deck, Yums on deck, Cronik on deck
Wit a million dollar check, I talk business
It's all I know, all I do is make deals smoke dro
And do shows, been rappin one year but I'm rappin
Like a pro, I'm a certified teen, 17 on the scene
Didn't have much, all I got is my dream
Certified gold made my certified chain
Got a certified name spittin certified flame
I'm certified Cronik you a certified lame
All I do is be me, you can't even be you
What you really need to do is learn to be true
Cause a fake person is somethin I can see through
Cause a fake person is somethin I can see through


[Verse 2:]
Certified Cronik gets you high certified
Cronik ain't a hot, that's a certified lie
So is it worth a try to even go against me
Been through so much beef but nobody ends me
Cause I analyze their lyrics and send em right
Back to em, it sounds fucked up, but that's, how I do em
I hate to see a rapper act like another rapper
You ain't foolin me, you a certified acter
There's a million followers, and a million wannabes
In the middle of it all, what sticks out is me
Certified Cronik means you one of a king
Certified Cronik means you win all the time
Certified Cronik is the hottest you'll find
C-e-are-t-i-f-i-e-d C-are-o-n-i-k, that's me!


[Verse 3:]
I ain't the best I ain't the worst
This is just a preview, I am the shit
Just look at my reviews, It's like I got cut
Cause my fans bleed through, my city, my state
The whole usa, I grind hard damn what else can I say
I won't stop making music til the end of my days
I'm like 50, Jay, and Em, all in one
I'll be gettin all my bread I'm never done
Til the war is won and I'll be rich
We all know that life's a bitch, gotta keep goin
Never will I quit, I roc Yums cause they match my outfit
Got Lokust on the beat cause it's what my style fits
And all you lil haters, is just childish
Mad I got hot hits, and they got mild hits
I know you mad as hell cause you know you like this
I know you mad as fuck you can't write like this!
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Certified Cronik Lyrics

Cronik – Certified Cronik Lyrics