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The Stars Will Fall Lyrics

Crom – The Stars Will Fall Lyrics

[The Prophet:]
"Hear ye my words:
For there will come a time when Men shall tire of the ceaseless humiliations meted out to them over countless eons by careless Gods.
And all Men shall rise up as one against the tyranny of those Gods.
And the Gods themselves shall stand powerless as their might fades away into nothingness.
Whilst the stars, the very symbols of that might, shall fall as stones from the heavens.
And Men shall live by their own rules, and thus shall they unwittingly herald the dawn of the Dark Age.
The harmony that once existed between Gods and Men and Nature shall cease, and darkness shall fall upon the world.
Pay heed to these my words: The stars shall fall.

Adore me -- for I will be by your side
Praise me -- for my stars will shine so bright
Summon me -- for I will speak my truth
Worship me -- for I crave eternal youth

Oh god, why do you humble us so much?
Why do we have to abase ourselves?
Have we not always paid obeisance to you?
We will not suffer for all eternity!

I said adore me -- and I won't ravish your wives
I said praise me -- and I won't darken your lives
I said summon me -- and I won't take away your lives
I said worship me -- and I won't start a bitter fight

We will praise you no more -- for You are not worthy!
We will summon you no more -- for you are menacing our lands!

Without your people you are nothing at all
We will live by our own rules!
The age of subjugation will end up from this day forth
It is time to say farewell

And as it was foretold
Men denied their Gods, their gifts,
Their favours and their faith

And from this day it was already clear
That without men the gods would lose their might,
Their meaning and their reason to exist

And as a witness to this glorious day
I watched the heavens darken and become strange
And the stars lost their origins

And I have seen with my own eyes
How the stars fell from the sky
And now you know the prophecy has been fulfilled
The prophecy has been fulfilled!
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