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Kali-Yuga Lyrics

Cro-Mags – Kali-Yuga Lyrics

Ancient reminders of worlds gone by
Concrete tombstones reach for the sky
Like hieroglyphic writings on the wall
Modern man just doesn't seem to hear his call

Force of times behind the changes bound to come
Primitive man was once forced to succumb
Both caught in a web of eternal quest
Wiped out by their search for conquest

Taken back to a land of wonder and of fear
Prehistoric creatures stalked the wild frontier
All can be told in unlocking of the past
Cyclical repetition ah we see the contrast

Skeletons in a closet as dark as the mind
Hidden truths there shine light for the blind
Somewhere back in time when cave dwellers walked
Was a spoken language that needed not be talked

Extinction found the way to man of yesterday
Only to occurr in tragedies today
Lost innocence in the maze of confusion
Sets the final stage for this drama of illusion

Simplicity's dig to unfold great mysteries
As we plunge forward engulfed by our destinies
What will future man uncover in our ruin
Kali-Yuga progresses wheels of time are spun

Technological society buried by ignorance
Fossils for decay victims of circumstances
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