I want to be the only one who can solve the mysteries that take control of our lives!
With my friends we will go anywhere in this world! Forever for all of time! Boon!
Oh, this dream!
That will warp and loop inside my mind!
Plays around with my heart, I imagine someday that it might absorb us all!
I still remember that sunny day!
Magical games that we used to play!
Pour down endlessly, Couldn't possibly! Take these memories from me!
I'll see you tomorrow then we can say!
We're laughing and humming all of the way!
Gather happiness using together-ness!
You'll find it isn't hard if you can really try! Gotta learn to chase it... (gotta learn to chase it...) gotta yearn to grasp it. We love dreaming big!
So dream! And dream! Suki deshou?
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Hare Hare Yukai Lyrics

Cristina Vee – Hare Hare Yukai Lyrics

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