I'm bleeding this time for no reason at all.
I just miss the feeling of losing it all
(I am the cave of life and death and the blood
That makes the clock tick I didn't ask for it)
Felt so hollow had to dry up and out my skin to hold my insides in.
I'm SO UNCOMFORTABLE but the skin holds the decay in.
Scraping the pins along the skin, release the decay within.
(I am the cave of life and death
And the blood that makes the clock tick I didn't ask for it)
DISEASE... your flesh dancing to the drum of rot. (rhythm of disintegration)
One battle, two with death. came and pulled me out by the breath.
(doesn't make the pain of living go away. don't want to face the world today)
DISEASE... used to fight with death several times a night,
Facing that brick wall choking for my life.
We got to be good friends, death and I.
I'd never give in and he'd never lie... scratch till I pop up a vein,
Feel the hollow walls sucking air that'll never get anywhere.
(when this chemical lung gives out I'll be living at my body's mercy.
Until then, I'm living at someone else's mercy)
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Kingdom's End Lyrics

Crisis – Kingdom's End Lyrics