She told me she'd rather be lonely, something
About living with pain. She was tired of
Losing, never gaining. Love once fun was
Now just draining.
"Love is forever" is just another promise you'll
Break. Those empty words that came too
Late mean nothing now. And memories just
Make me weak and make me wait. I guess
Nothing lasts forever. I gotta go far away
To spend some time, clear my head and get
You off of my mind...
We are lonely, we are only looking for a place
To call our own. We are looking for a sign,
Looking for a clue - Looking for some meaning
To the things we do.
Rdc, a place to stay, looking through the rafters
At a sky so grey. A quiet empty place to go
Where blood ran fast but time moved slow.
Rdc, a place where we set our inhibitions free
A secret place to hide away, but rdc is gone today...
Now it's just rubble.
Another addition to the blank scenery.
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RDC Lyrics

Crimpshrine – RDC Lyrics