The chaos is mine the jokes on you,
I'm aggrovating I'm annoying you,
I'm having a laugh at your expense,
And you're a victim of my childish pranks.

Cos I aggrovate you x 4
Whatcha gonna do.

I'm alright, sod you Jack
I'll push you in front while your standing weight.
You don't get nothing that you don't take,
You don't get nothing on a silver plate.

Cos I aggrovate you x 4

They said grow up, act your own age,
They said your fashion is out of date
They stand and stare cos you're outta place
But I don't care cos it suits my face,

Don't wanna be a young executive don't wanna die radio active,
Don't wanna save the world from your abiss
Don't wanna be part of the human race.

Cos I aggrovate you x 4
Watcha gonna do
Oi oi oi oi oi
I'm aggrovating you
I'm annoying you
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Aggrovater Lyrics

Criminal Brainstorm – Aggrovater Lyrics

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