"Each day that passes I feel stuck in the past
A new version of yesterday is my present
A reflexion in a broken mirror"

Everything stays the same in this picture painted with strokes of uncertainty
What is real, what does it mean to be heard when your mind can't discern your own words?
Senseless and blindfolded is the way to survive in this mirage that we call life
Your mind is a burden, your heart is a lie
Your face is just a part of this disguise

Just a mask, just an illusion
When reason fades, your sanity fades away

Madness within you, the light of despair
Shall shine on your path of enslavement
Crucified on the altar of lies
A fitting end to your wasted life

Just a mask, just an illusion

My sanity's fading
My will is unbending
My body is rotting inside

The mirror is breaking
Inside he is shaking
The ending is claiming
His wilting, worn-out life
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Fading Lyrics

Crimena – Fading Lyrics

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