I need to escape, I must break free.
These chains of depression have taken hold of me.
The nights grow longer no fear within,
My minds at war with the fear of sin.
(It never ends) in my life I can't forget.
(My life a constant descent) past mistakes I still regret
(I am) I can't escape from the things I've done
(The king of nothing) I tried to hide, and I tried to run
From the pain that's eaten away
At my insides every day.
No shelter from my own dismay.
Where I roam it rains.
I look unto myself with disdain.
You could never relate
To my qualms with life, don't speak my name.
(It never ends) In my life I can't forget
(My life, a constant descent) Past mistakes I still regret
(I am) I can't escape from things I've done.
(The king) Of nothing.
I tried to hide, I tried to run,
And look up to you as a son.
Wanting some but getting none,
But those days are gone and now I'm done.
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Burden Lyrics

Creatures – Burden Lyrics