No sick days, no mistakes, know yo place,
Don’t wanna be,
Old and gray, holding faith, swear to god,
I’m gonna be,
Over planes, over skies, over hate, over lies,
‘till I’m immortalized, I be ripping all the time

The way I rip this shit mechanical,
Highly organized animal when my dreams are tangible,
I seen some damage tho, a manicy mind,
Tourniquet around the arm call that a family tie, huh,
Insanity’s blind, like whale watching with Hellen Keller,
I fell in a well and developed a cellar,
To hide my skeletons from fellas who been hella wack,
Tell um that next time I see um I’ll be killing that,
Peeling back feelings like it don’t hurt,
Only one thing in life I can do right, a dope verse,
Write with a W, right with a R,
Right hook’s like Ali, I’m talking E.R.,
Drums ring, huh, without the A though,
Cause I’m an A hole,
But I’m just trying to be seen,
Like the days before Christ had a meaning,
Meaning demeaning, cause that’s how I’m feeling


The crown heavy, throne aint been sat on,
Feet weigh a ton, time fly when you have none,
Last year I was broke with a temper,
This year I’m still broke with a new agenda, uh,
Enter my head and you’ll probably wet the bed son,
Mind on the road, but not like Rev Run,
I aint the best yet, headed in that direction,
Rejected from heaven the devil was in my reflection,
I guess it’s a lesson, if you poke around purgatory there’s hell to
So I’ma do the selfish way,
The homie say the high road under construction,
So fuck it my mood aint up for discussion, uh,
If nothing is fine then everything a train wreck,
Music the only thing I aint turned to flames yet,
Am I insane? Yes, aint no debate to me,
So don’t step in my zone unless you wanna face a beast

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Family Ties Lyrics

Craw – Family Ties Lyrics