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Winter Song Lyrics

Crash Test Dummies – Winter Song Lyrics

I can't say that I miss my old dog much
And I've never looked back since I left home long ago
But I hoped a trip into the country
Would help remind me all the things I used to know

And that's what I came for
And that's all I hoped for
There once was good blood in the breeze here
We rode across the lake each new year
What have I remembered
What did this used to be

The ice, it used to shine upon our river
It was a mirror that the cold dark water ran way deep beneath
And here were many years of winter drownings
I kept track of these things as they were told to me

And that's what I looked for
That's what I came for...

The changes of the year were once like breathing
Well this year they're the seasons of my discontent
But I cannot rewrite my old diaries
I can only recall all the things that came & went

But that's what I'd come for
And that's what I'd hoped for..
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Songwriters: BRAD ROBERTS
Winter Song lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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