I've heard a lot about this girl
And I don't want to hear about her now
If you think she's what you need then go..
'Good luck might see you again' is our road now

But I feel so sad, can this be right?
Cos I loved our days and I loved our nights
I loved it when you would hold me tight
And for a while our world seemd bright...

I've heard a lot about this girl
She gives you the run around for sure
And you're pushing me away
So I'm taking my love away
And I hope one day you find
The things you really need..

But I feel so sad my body aches
I feel so sad, like I could break
I hold on for another day
But my whole world has blown away...
But please remember I loved you dearly
Just wanted to kiss, to hold you near me...
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Stalk Lyrics

Cranes – Stalk Lyrics