My Daddy drives a ufo
Drops me off and then he goes
Leaves me on this mystery plane
But he'll be back for me again

Oh, Oh yes he will

Now I just can't identify
With this world so I don't try
Square pegs don't fit in round holes
And I can't fit into these cloths


My daddy's unidentified
My mom says I just appeared inside
Looks like a case of hit and run
But off the record it's no fun

No, no, no fun

My daddy he'll come back again
And take me from this mystery plane
And maybe if I go real slow
He'll let me drive his ufo, Oh, Oh, Oh
Oh Boy

My Daddy drives a ufo
My Daddy drives a ufo
My Daddy drives a ufo
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Mystery Plane Lyrics

Cramps – Mystery Plane Lyrics