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Craig Xen – SPOILED ROTTEN Lyrics

So you the dog now
You a dog now (dopeboy)
And you a trap nigga (aye)
You a trapstar (aye)
Aye whats up , aye whats up

[Verse 1}
Dope man, Dope man
I heard you the plug shawty
Serving those, out your parents home
That don't add up to me
Nigga you ain't trappin' shit
Pussy you a walking lick
Serving in the 'burbs
Ain't you suppose to be in class and shit?
See you twit' pic'n that lil pistol that you got
Put our dads 9 millimeter right back where you got it from
Bitch you ain't impressing us, nigga we ain't scared of you
It's ok to be yourself quit tryna' play a character

Real shit bruh
Know what I'm sayin'
Fuck around and get caught up in some shit you not supposed to
You know, something you want nothing to do with
Real nigga shit, I'm telling you from the spirit
You Don't want nothing to do with that life

[Verse 2]
Poor man don't get a degree
Get a job at least, damn
Fam tryna help you be something, why you fucking it up
Stupid little ungrateful fuck
BItch you a disgrace
Can't respect to say the least
Just to say the least
Understand, literally, nigga's will kill for your position
Car, home, Cell phone
All paid for nigga
Goddamn you blessed, what the fuck you flipping' packs for
Get up off your ass, go to class, get a job hoe

I'm telling you bruh
Wise the fuck up my nigga
You gonna be looking back
Nigga got a fucked up record
You force it on yourself
And you blessed my nigga
And you don't have to sell drugs bro, embrace that
You got options bro, take advantage of that shit
Bless up mane

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