Beneath the chandeliers
Upon the Persian rugs
Carousers take their stand
Fine whiskey in their hands

The rakes are in the halls
The dugs are in t' the yards
As Fortune's lost and won
Upon a deck o cards

Haloo the horse and hounds
The fox and cubs
The gamblers and the rakes
The sporting bloods
Adieu the decks o cards
The dice and dugs
Adieu my luves
And on yer grave
The Ace of clubs

The Earl o Carrick's son
Has penniless become
The whisper's in the hall
Prestonfield must fa

Up Sir William stands
The deck is in his hands
'I stake my house and lands
Upon a single card! '

The portraits on the wall
The ghosties in the hall
The ancestors appalled
Prestonfield will fa

The nobles and the lords,
Auld reekies big and sma
The baronets a craw
Prestonfield will fa

The count picks up the cards
'The word of peers is law
Should I tup your card
Prestonfield will fall'

And with a deadly grin
He cuts the King of Spades
And as Sir William prays
He draws the Ace Of Clubs

Farewell the rakes and bloods
The whooring and the chase
My drinking days are gone
My gambling nights erased

I'll idle in the grounds
Mak follies in the yards
And never will again
Touch a pack o cards
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Aceof Clubs Lyrics

Craig Herbertson – Aceof Clubs Lyrics