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Ready; Set... And... begin" Premo;

beats on the machine doggy yeah, "

Ready; Set... And... begin" King;

side ta yu [Verse

1 Craig: G] Ready

set, begin, I highly recommend When

you hear this real hip hop you call up a friend And

let 'em know it ain't your average payover assistant Bullshit

on the air that's leavin the game twisted Havin

ni z***and b s*****chasin, riches Thinkin

that can make 'em happy that thought is quite ridiculous And

the s titI'm bout to say might, get me black listed But

I don't give a f k**I gave my life to this s titkid, And

with that said lets, begin with these A & R's; That

only sign them clicks that obtain the sports cars And

I probably be your author cause I alwasy fought hard For

what I believe in despite, what you thought pah Strap

a bomb to my chest run in the courtyard Of

you favorite record label and send them to god But

you already been punished that's why your sales like that You

know that saying that; what you put out always come back Handle

yours people [Dj

Premier cuts and scratches] "

Ready; Set... And.. begin" [Verse;

2 Craig: G] Okay

ready, set, begin, I highly recommend You

ni z***runnin the game like some of us sin Cause

if not we gonna kick the f gay***door of the hinge Grab

the vp by the post office assistant with tints Hit

ya head of promotion with a fist of the chins There's

a crew of hungry ni z***sellin clips to the prints So

keep frontin signin, all them fake diamond gyms That

with they gyms video, just sink in ya swim And

you highly mistakin if you think you could win These

words work from my foe to, the ink of my pen They

say I'm meek should inherit the earth Plus

the heavens all, ya money couldn't save you on Septembre 11th Oh

Something! to pay for next, time you take a drag Of

the dutch this city is crushed because boom rips a fag And

the economy is all it down With? spottle If?

you're sick of bein lied to here's, some hiphop to guide you You

handle yours people [Dj

Premier cuts and scratches] "

Ready; Set... And.. begin" [Verse;

3 Craig: G] Okay

ready, set, begin, I highly recommend You

get someone to pray for you this game is a sin There's

a lot of phony people lackin change with the win Make

the wrong moves your brain should be stained in ya Benz Some

killers who run upon you ask for change of a ten Some

will b h***and focus they, got the aim for your Benz When

God calls believe he ain't reachin your voice tail You

talked the way in heaven with platinum tints Platinum

sales believe it's all man-made s titYou

know the stuff they whine 'bout when they work with them click And

Big said it the best Mo'; Money Mo' Problems But

no money at all will have your 38. revolvin Court

cases pendin stomach, bendin from charcoal Almost

was my life changed and after I fought gold And

the whole point of these words they, came from a vet It's!

Hip-Hop I still love you I, ain't done with you yet We!

gotta save you [Dj!

Premier cuts and scratches] "

Ready; Set... And.. begin"
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Ready Set Begin Lyrics

Craig G – Ready Set Begin Lyrics