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Lustmord And Wargasm Lyrics

Cradle Of Filth – Lustmord And Wargasm Lyrics

An Archangel in bondage
Bediademed, souled
With a murder of ravens
But no less Astarte to behold
Abandoned by Heaven
To the dead, dark and past
Cast Her dispertions
On life's brittle glass
And though Her eyes still held fire
As stonewalls caged the beast
'Gainst the lassitudes of Death
She fought but fell to greet
And mist lies in collusion
She was martyred to teach
That "Divinity and Lust
Are forever forbidden to meet"
But I swore that they would
Before the veil could part our embrace
Twixt Her cold, silent hips I kissed
And promised Christendom in flames
Gravid with madness
Like a feculent dirge
That obsesses the heart
I am covened by words
To avenge Her
Ebon splendour
And surrender
My soul to the dead to achieve
Prophecies of libidinous scourge
Horripilation braying o'er carious herds
Vexing nighmares
And their weak prayers
To a no one there
To hinder Her decree
To weed the world of their disease
As shadows unblind mine eyes to see
The meat that is their congragation
How they plead to the skies
But this is mere foreplay to war
Scar-riddled saffron eves bleed like the conjugal
Vestal daughters giving throat to the priest
A psychophant, the despoiler of faith
Now His skinless crucifixion feeds a winged diocese
For Her interred
I tore a battle banner from His hide
Splashed in red goetia
Hues of Hell and deicide
So come the night
Its obsidian light
Is a master whom disasters
Suck upon like concubines
And under black skirts
That whisper of delight
Darkseeds near
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