Verse I:

Too many babies are crying, Hungry and in pain
Too many children are crying, This whole world's insane.
Would you join in and make a difference with me.
If we all pull together we could ease their needs.


Somebody lend a hand, Somebody have a heart.
Share of our blessings, Let's do our part.
Some things we can't change, But some things we can.
Give a child a bright tomorrow, Somebody lend a hand.

Verse II:

I dream of a land with no crying, no sickness or pain.
I dream of a place with no dying, millions dream with me.
Then I awaken to the cold reality
To the many we lose daily from nothing to eat


When we all come together, there's strength in unity
Would you catch this vision and make a difference with me?
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Lend A Hand Lyrics

Crabb Family – Lend A Hand Lyrics