Down and weeping and overcome.
Led astray by the superior configuration across the nation.
Another decade of evil in the making.
Hearts are breaking.
Heads are aching.
The message I speak of is penetrating.
We'll end the waiting.
Stop the faking.
Bring out the power and get the ground shaking.
Understand like it's subliminal.
Back of your head trigger your mind with the cynical equation,
Cause and effect drop your mind set.
Bring it all on, I'll cast you down with no regret.
Rebel against the system or have you become one of them?
Rebel against the system.
It's time to stand up and fight them.
Rebel against the system.
Like a fashion, your one reaction falls away from your salvation.
Entertainment becomes first prize.
Please amuse me while I'm still alive.
You better check yourself, the enemy drops bombs,
The world wide web's perverted dot coms.
I can't say and I can't do the things you want to
'cause then I'd be just like you.
You really want to be the lost sheep without a home?
Spend your life following the drones.
I want to live right, excel in wisdom,
Ignite the flame, rebel against the system.
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System Failure Lyrics

Cr33 – System Failure Lyrics

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