He talks too much
He takes all the credit.
He wants it all but
He's never met
For him there's lots of good things to eat
And people just organized meat.

His neigbors wonderin'
He's screamin'of? And airplanes.
His time has come to go
Awaaaaaaaaaaaay (x2)

(Bugel solo)

He loved her, as much as he could.
Five times, ten times as he could.
But he shoulda, stuck with a pet.
Something he could, bury himself.

He shakes his greasy?
He scurries from rathole to ratehole.
His time has come to go
Awaaaaaaaaaaaay! (x2)

(Bugel/Guitar solo)

When it comes to the birds and the bees
All that he got, was bit and stung.
But the neighbors, they don't wanna hear it!
They say what's, done is done.

They want him bound and gagged.
They watch him draged off in handcuffs.
His time has come to go
Awaaaaaaaaaaaay! (x2)
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Organized Meat Lyrics

Cows – Organized Meat Lyrics