Superstition, seductress of death
Murderous bitch from the grave
Convicted, a disciple of Satan
Raped & then burned at the stake
Virgin, bitch of the faith
Tormented the earth once before
Resurrect the s*** from the grave
My beloved satanic whore

She's back from the grave
To fish & enslave
You cannot be saved
She'll drain you of breath
Suck you to death
Bury what's left

Castration, damnation, the price you will pay
Religious salvation provides no other way
Fatal attraction, you fall under her spell
Begravement, enslavement
You're on your way to hell

Bitch of death and disease, whore to hell's master of slaves
S***, going down on her knees, sucking you into the grave
Spreading her legs in air, Succubus weaving her spell
Consumed by her cavern of death
She opens her gateway to hell

[Repeat chorus twice]
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Succubus Lyrics

Coven – Succubus Lyrics