"In this spring time day why the sky is so grey?
Stop, poet, stay let the breeze bring you away
In this damned place The spring has a strange smell.


There is the heretic grave
He was a strange soldier of God
No war from his hands too much love with him
Betrayer or betrayed? I can't remember scents

Oh son within these three roundabouts
Violence against the people, themsselves and God
Fraud against unfaithful and betrayal

You can see there the centre of the earth
The eternal betrayal the Luciferl throne
Why the souls of yesterday
Lie outside this town?
Poet, don't leave the main path
Now it's time to go!

And from Anastasius epitaph
Fishes are jumping across the horizon
Great Bear is fading towards Northwest wind"

First round of the Seventh Circle;
Those who do violence to others
Tyrants and homicides.
The minotaur, The Centaurs.
Thiron Nessus. The River
Of Boiling Blood.
And the Sinners in it.
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Anastasius Epitaph Lyrics

Court – Anastasius Epitaph Lyrics

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