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Low Lyrics

Courage My Love – Low Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've been listening
I've got my ear to the ground
I haven't heard a single sound that's familiar
Your always whispering but your voice is not your own
At least its not the one Ive known

And I hope that someday you retrace your way back to me
Don't say it's too late for us
It's not to late for me

High and low I've been looking for you
Tell me where did you go to
I, I moved so slow but I'm not moving toward you
Oh I just want to know you

[Verse 2]
So are you coming clean
I'd give anything to know
Now that you let your colors show
Are you still standing on your own?
You're still a part of me like the water in my lungs
You're like the venom in my blood



Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, ohhh
Oh whoa, whoa ohh


Oh ohhh

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