In time and space
Countless nights
In my romance
Loosing my way
That shone so bright

Dreaming tomorrow wakes me up and frees my mind again
And I'll be still alive
We walk again hand in hand
Our kisses ignore the crowd
Smiles start to fly above
Sunlight beams reach or hearts

My romance...

When you'll walk by my side
All colors will be back again
And we will start to breath

Dreaming tomorrow...

I'll hold you tight
Won't let you go
W're not meant to go apart
We live for sunlight beams
Shining deep into our hearts

In black and white
Trying every day to get it right
Shallow weeks are passing by
They almost make me starve
Confuse my mind
My days get rough

When you'll walk by my side...
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My Romance Lyrics

Count XIII – My Romance Lyrics

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