Now you've come this far to prove a point,
That never made much sense,
Swallow this down like all your pills,
Now your choking on your words that follow me to my sleep,
Wide awake and I can't feel it
Of all these things I should have said but never got to,
I would have never led you on because that's the difference
And take back your knife caught in my back,
Don't worry I'll be fine,
Just like old friends like ones we hate,
For everything you've done to me, am i still breathing,
Wide awake and I can't feel it

You can try and try, try to get the best of me,
Try and try, try to make this complete,
But to me, there's something more to me,
Than I have seen, there's something more to me
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The Difference Lyrics

Count The Stars – The Difference Lyrics