A light goes on, it's cold inside
She knows it's time, to take a ride
Your life will change, to the sound of an infant voice.
But did... Did you have a choice?

Was your future mapped out like the tide?
Now you're on that big ride
To the next phase of living, a time when your genes will survive
The child from your time will be needing your help to thrive
The view is the same in 40 years, the fear and the pain, occasional tears
Take care my sweet, and make sure you live to the end.

Born in a world, where it's great to be young
The flags are unfurled, your time has begun
Make some plans, make a career
Make the most of your life without fear.

Never forget the kin that surrounds you
Serve and protect the family that made you
The years will soon pass, the seasons will change
Follow your heart, explore your own range.

You're learning to walk, a little at a time
You're learning to talk, you're doing just fine
Life starts at school, you'll learn all you can
The wars of the world, the failings of man
Why did the child have to take in the poison of... Life...?

A child is born, a new hope is among us
My work is done
The time is near, the beginning of age
My kingdom come.
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Into This World Lyrics

Cosmograf – Into This World Lyrics

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