Never bitch, never moan
Never gave the king the time
Never lied, never cried
Never gave the queen a dime
Still it seemed to me we were losing all the time
But underneath we can breathe and we're standing on our own

*Never known
Running while your world's on fire
Back to rob you blind
Blistered sins consume the liar
All the time

Never break, never crack
Never turned into a stone
Never crawl, never fall
Never bow beneath a throne
Never could believe cause it was never shone
But underneath we could breath, we could stand on our own


I said to God what's made of stone
Took me a sad and made me whole
I once was blind but now I see
The blistered walls in front of me

Never breathe, never sing, never call
Never die, never fly, never fall
Never break, never bleed, never rest
On our own we control heaven lands

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World On Fire Lyrics

Corrosion Of Conformity – World On Fire Lyrics