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The Big Time Spender Lyrics

Cornbreads & Biscuits – The Big Time Spender Lyrics

Aww, shimmy, baby
Shimmy all night long
Aww, quit it, girl
You're gonna make
Cornbread lose his home

Aww, switch it in the kitchen
Let's keep it clean with energy
Aww, you're looking good
This is Cornbread's bar

(Lookie here, Corn
Did I hear you correctly
Is this your bar)

Yeah, this my bar
Well, if it ain't old Biscuit
The last of the big time spenders
Man, when did you arrive in town

(I just got in this morning by plane)
By plane (you know, plain old bus)

(Yeah, man, since this your bar
Give everybody a drink) yeah
(You take a drink) yeah
(And give me a drink) yeah
(And get that little girl sitting down
At the end of the bar a drink)

(Hey, look here, baby
What you drinking, what
Scotch and soda
Ain't this some shame)

(This girl been sitting here
All day drinking a beer, one beer
Now she want her drink
Scotch and soda on me)

(Hey, Corn, get old girl
Some Fairlane 500)
Oh, you mean Thunderbird
(Well, I know it's one of
Them fast cars)

(Give everybody some Thunderbird)
Yeah (you take a drink of Thunderbird)
Yeah (give me another drink
Of Thunderbird, oh, I feel so high
I feel like I want to fly) yeah

Hold it, uh, Biscuit
I think you better
Check up here with me
Before you, uh, lemme see
Uh, that'll be $4. 25

($4. 25, you mean to tell me
All three of em out)
Hold it here, man
(Man, when I come in here
Wasn't but two of em out
You mean to tell me the third one
Lemme get out of here)

Hold it here, you can act
Like a fool if you wanna
You better pay me for these drinks

(What drinks)
The drinks the people ordered
(Who drank the drinks)
The people drank the drinks
Well, you better let the
People pay for the drinks

Hold it here, man
You gonna make me lose my head
And punch you in your mouth
(No, baby, you said that wrong
You gonna punch me in my mouth
And then lose your head)

You know one thing, man
Ain't nothing quicker in no drugstore
Won't kill you no quicker than I will
About my money

(I don't owe you no money, baby)
Gimme my money
(Look, don't stand too close to me)
Gimme my money
(Well, wait a minute, oh, oh)

(You just taking advantage of me
Cause you bigger than I am)
Get out of here

(Just let me get my hands
On my equalizer cause, baby
You ain't too cool
You ain't fastened too tight)
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