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Treetops Lyrics

Corelia – Treetops Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ryan Devlin]
Oh off now
The call sounds near
Danger comes now, they won't find us here

In scorn they will burn!
...Once again it repeats
For thousands of years
Rain has shrouded our fears

Pawns disregard the ebb and flow
Overcrowded the stage has become
The human condition begs for more and mercy

Oh will you find a place within the vale?
Will you drift in discordant breeze?
The native soul will be lost in time
Our stage of bedlam forlorned

Blackness, darkness afar
In plumes they posture
With forboding nature
They claw at the sun

We wait for the end

The heart now stands clear
Danger comes now, they won't harm us here

[Verse 2: Spencer Sotelo]
The event of roaring decimation
Will swallow the earth and
Bring it to it's knees
The oil in the mud
Is boiling the blood of our sanctuary
These demons of iron will surely pay!

[Verse 3: Ryan Devlin]
Stirring forth
Reclaim the land
From seeds sown
Gaia climbs again!

Frustration grows up
'Til we meet the sky
Away from here

Fel winds bring
They will fail to find their abode

We wait for the end
We wait for the end of days
To come and save us all
We are the ones who need it most
To fix our minds on the unknown
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