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Ready Lyrics

Corbin – Ready Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Spooky Black]
See me draped in silk from head to toe
Let me take you home only we would know
I'm not the type of guy to take it slow
Turn that good girl into a ho
Girl, you're so fine, yeah you turn me on
I'm a lay you down, play my favorite song
Baby working all night long
I'm losing my control, what's right or wrong?

[Verse 2 - Bobby Raps]
Fuck-ups from my past that I move passed
Now I'm wavy like my dude in the do-rag
Made mistakes that I done had to learn to live with
I ain't tripping about how I should've did it different
I been through some Jagged Edges, this the New Edition
Need something in my life just cause you was missing
Look baby I need you, but if you ain't genuine, I'll leave ya
In a world so cold I'm surprised that my heart is still warm
Time moves on as the night turns to dawn
As I fly through the eye of the storm
In my mind with the force of a fighter pilot
Take off on a plane with a lighter
Spark the fire then I'm walking on the moon like Michael
Balance like the World Trade tightrope
Maestro, higher than a lamp post, brighter than a light bulb
Climbed up the Eiffel Tower, then I fell down the pit of despair
Face first with my kicks in the air
'til I woke up and realized that it isn't really there
It's all in my head

[Outro - Bobby Raps]
So just come here, baby
You ain't got to worry baby
Bring your ass over here
Come on now hurry baby

Is you ready for it?
Is you ready for it?
Is you ready for it?
Is you ready for it?
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