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HotelSixNine Lyrics

Corbin – HotelSixNine Lyrics

[Verse 1: Spooky Black]
Girl your body is fucking glistening
In your ear I be whispering
Baby let me take you somewhere quiet
Somewhere all alone for the night
Let me take your picture babe
So I can miss you babe
I know that you be listening
To every word that I do sing
I've got you under my spell
If what we do is sin send me straight to fucking hell
Cause girl you're so bad now
How could I resist a fucking body like that
Body like that
How could I resist a fucking body like that

[Verse 2: SolomonDaGod]
Baby, open up your heart
I’m tryna just show you the feelings you feel when you open up your legs
Your pussy’s your heart instead
Babe take off those heels and pull up that dress
No panties on beneath, you know me the fucking best
Why don't you turn up that spooky and sip on this vodka
Mane forget the room key I made sure it's locked
You a good girl but tonight you my ho
And I ordered room service but you what I want
You gotta man and I gotta girl
But you in demand tonight you my world
So let's dirty dance
And fuck till the end
And roll up this weed what's better than this
I swear your juices are intoxicating
You make me wonder if I even liked the conversation
Put pics on Tumblr you the one who told me try it, baby
I probably love my girl but I'll give you the world
And if the world doesn't mean shit
I'll tongue you down till you screaming you need it
I'll fuck you now call me daddy and mean it
Delete my texts cause it's just so convenient
But shit it's all good
I'll probably fuck you better than your man ever could bitch
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